“THE RCA YEARS OF RAFFAELLA I SINGOLI 1971-1972”, the exclusive box set by Raffaella Carrà, will be released on 8 December.

The box set contains four original 45s and one unreleased and concludes the cycle of Raffaella Carrà’s RCA singles from the 1970s. The unreleased 7” 45 rpm single contains “Tuca Tuca (English vrs) / Regue (Reggae Rrrr Spanish vrs)”. In this version, “Tuca Tuca (I Like It)” is printed for the first time ever on vinyl and the song “Regue” will be available for the first time in Italy as it was originally released only for the Chilean market in 1971 The faithful reproduction of the original version of the four discs and the addition of the bonus disc make this box set a unique collector’s item.


“The RCA Years of Raffaella the singles 1971-1972”, which concludes the cycle of Raffaella’s RCA singles from the 70s, will be available in the black versions in physical and digital stores and in colored versions in a limited edition and numbered to 500 copies only on the Store Sony Musi.


These are the five discs included in “GLI ANNI RCA DI RAFFAELLA I SINGOLI 1971-1972”:

Sorceress Maghella / Dad
El Borriquito / Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head
Tuca Tuca Yes / Damn that evening
I would kill you / It was only a month ago
I Like It (Tuca Tuca) / Regue (Reggae) – Bonus 7” Vinyl


The cover of this box set is embellished with an unpublished shot, captured by the keen eye of Gianni Boncompagni. It was precisely in those years that Raffaella achieved television success and met Gianni, with whom she then shared many years of her career.

Furthermore, since June the albums “Fiesta (Italian Edition)”, “Mi spendo tutto”, “Raffaella (1988)”, “Raffaella (1971)”, “Raffaella… Senzarespiro”, have finally been available for digital listening. “Scatola a surprise”, “Milleluci”, “Felicità tà tà” and “Raffaella (1978)” for a total of 9 albums available on streaming platforms and in digital download.

Disney+ also presents Raffa, the first original docuseries dedicated to Raffaella Carrà, available from 27 December on the streaming platform. The docuseries, produced by Fremantle, is directed by Daniele Luchetti and written by Cristiana Farina with Carlo Altinier, Barbara Boncompagni, Salvatore Coppolino, Salvo Guercio and traces the extraordinary life of one of the icons of pop culture in the world.

In 2024, Raffaella Carrà fans can expect even more surprises as we celebrate the anniversaries of some of the most significant moments in her great career!

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